“How to stop selling and help customers buy”

Service with a Sale - Consultative Selling Skills for improved customer service

Available as an affordable in-house training and eLearning course, customised for free.

The training is best run as two one-day courses = one inbound, the other outbound

This a very practical selling skills course that combines excellent customer service and advanced consultative sales skills into one very informative personal improvement training workshop.
At least half the course is spent planning, practicing and reviewing customer calls using role-plays and real calls (outbound only).

Key learning points include

  • Establish the customer service and sales standards, personal selling skills and sales 'systems' that can make sales whilst maintaining a positive service experience. This is includes face to face, on-line, by email or on the telephone.
  • Use a range of best practice customer-friendly sales techniques, tools and skills to differentiate your service and help customer feel they are buying, and not just being sold too. 
  • How to differentiate your sales approach based on customer need, spend and personality.
  • Making every call and customer count with a great service attitude and sales ability.
  • Best practice call / meeting handling using the 4Cs Model: Connect and Consult, Convince and Commit.
  • If appropriate, helping your customers to buy, and buy more using options, suggestions and follow-up.

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Available as an affordable in-house training and elearning. 

Service with a Sale - short overview

Service with a Sale - Consultative Selling Skills for improved customer service with opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling

Service with a Sale - Outline

Presentation and role-play exercises will be tailored to specific situations from participants’ work. The style is up-beat, informative and motivational. The course includes role-plays. 

Course objectives and key principles

  • Personal objectives and introduction.
  • Push vs Pull and how to stop selling and help people buy.
  • Principles and benefits of Service with a Sale approach.

Improving your people skills and selling techniques

  • Meeting or call dynamics - how to structure and control a sales appointment or call.
  • Personal voice dynamics - developing an effective voice tone.
  • Perfecting a standard opening that works, plus gaining rapport and connecting with customers, plus capturing key information quickly and easily.

Advanced consultative selling skills

  • Creating clarity and confidence through stating, summarising and restating.
  • Structuring information clearly and precisely when explaining things or presenting options; the KISS principle applied to telephone communication.
  • Improving your telephone voice, diction and listening skills.

Connect and Consult

  • Connecting skills gaining rapport and credibility in the first few minutes.
  • Qualifying a call, getting in control and asking questions early and effectively.
  • Advanced skills of using high-impact questions with active listening and summarising.
  • Practical session – Consulting and connecting.

Convince and Commitment 

  • Using ‘hot button’ statements to gain customer engagement, interest and understand their exact requirements; answering FAQ’s quickly and efficiently.
  • Linking products naturally and easily to increase order value.
  • Presenting price, overcoming ‘concerns’ and gaining agreement to proceed.
  • Building value by positioning your offer effectively with the right features, benefits and sales messages.
  • Simple and effective ways to close a call or a sale.

Follow-up and follow-through

  • Tips and techniques for following quotes and enquiries
  • Adding value and encouraging repeat enquiries.
  • Practical session and planning exercise.
  • Action plan and learning diary for day one.

Available as an affordable in-house training and elearning course, customised free.

Service with a Sale Training Course

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