Unlock your team's potential...and fast!

Online and at-the-desk for sales and customer service improvement.

We invite you to change the way you think about developing your sales or customer service and support staff.  

We now offer real-time sales and customer service training and coaching. It uses real-life calls or role-plays. and is delivered online by an experienced skills coach using a state-of-the-art, AI-based conversation and email analysis tool.

Key points to consider:

  1. How much potential is there in your sales or customer service team?
  2. Imagine closing the gap between your best performers and the rest
  3. Increase productivity and get new starters performing faster!

The brilliant skills coaching program will allow you to improve the skills and ability of your sales and customer service people without any time away from their work.

AI-based with live coaching

Combining expert coaching and using advanced AI technology we can review and analyse calls and emails and give structured feedback with real-time micro-training. Each bi-weekly session builds into a unique and personalised best-practice online training library. Coaching is conducted live and online using an easy-to-use free video conferencing system.

Save time - improve results

This form of training and skills development is extremely cost-effective and can be delivered in any location at times and places to suit you. Learning happens in minutes not hours and the changes applied instantly...literally in the next call in some cases!

Easy to get started - days not weeks

There are two simple steps in taking your team to the next level.

  1. Initial free half-day workshop for coachees and managers.
  2. Then monthly coaching for your staff with two 30 minutes sessions per week. Plus coachees and their manager will have full access to all features between sessions.

Pricing is just £395 per coachee, per month,  with eight online coaching sessions per month. Coaching is conducted online by an expert skills coach, using video.

PDF - Online conversation skills coaching

Unlock your team's potential for sales and customer service excellence.

Online skills coaching - Key features

A quick glimpse of call and conversation coaching in action. Online and at-the-desk for sales and customer service improvement.










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Online skills coaching - audio cast

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Online and at-the-desk skills coaching

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