Working Smarter Training Course

Time management skills for busy people

How to to get more done in less time with this in-house Time Management Skills Training course.

It is a highly practical and interactive time management training course brings time management to life. It does this through short and interactive presentations, practical exercises with lots of tips, tools and techniques. 

Time Management Skills Training Topics include:

  1. Managing priorities - for working smarter
  2. Creating focus for better time management
  3. Goal setting 
  4. Overcoming procrastination
  5. Structuring your day for improved time management
  6. Dealing with distractions and working smarter

Who will benefit?

All staff, that is everyone in an organisation who is responsible for business results, service delivery or managing others.

Key objectives include:

  • How to value time as a resource for yourself, your team and your business
  • Learn the keys to working smarter by focusing on your main objectives and key areas of responsibilities
  • Know and establish and overcome the causes of poor time management
  • Ways of structuring your day in the age of digital distraction
  • Identify and deal with time stealers
  • Master how to prioritise  your tasks and the unexpected
  • Be able to spot and deal with procrastination – in yourself and others
  • Techniques to plan ahead and minimise the demands and pressures of your job
  • Be able to resist and delegate tasks successfully to free up some of your time
  • Be able to Increase  personal and time to achieve a greater work-life balance.

Plus: Pre-course activity - time management analysis

Available as an affordable in-house training and elearning course, customised for free. 


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Available as an affordable in-house training and eLearning course, customised free.

Working Smarter - The Book

Free to all delegates on the training

This inspirational book provides a refreshing approach to making the decisions that affect both your business and personal life and your level of success. Working Smarter is more than just a time management philosophy or system--it's a way of structuring your life, your work and your goals that is more sustainable, more enjoyable and less stressful than any other method.

Available to buy for £14.95

Available to buy for £14.95