Sales Prospecting


We can help both teams and individuals take the hard work of sourcing new business.

Skills Development


Better questioning, more persuasive, greater customer analysis skills and more.

Closing the deal


Writing winning proposals, better presentation, negotiation skills and closing the sale.

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Brilliant Sales Coaching - How it Works

Real-time skills improvement, while you work

Coaching Objectives

Whilst the overall objective is to increase sales results and effectiveness, it is likely to cover the following key areas:

  1. Improvements in sales process and follow-up
  2. Enhancement of individual sales skills and techniques particularly around qualifying, establishing rapport and requirements.
  3. Review of sales materials, working with others to improve sales impact as required
  4. Increase in closing and conversion ratio, particularly from leads to orders
  5. Management of possible opportunities through a sales pipeline
  6. Opportunities for repeat business, referrals and up and cross selling.

Proposed solution

A expertly trained consultant spends one day a month with either two or four consultants for a minimum for three months. Each session will be summarised in a brief report highlighting both activity and output. 

Progress and improvements will be monitored from the start using existing sales reporting measures and tools where possible.

More than just coaching

It is expected that the coaching sessions will involve going beyond just coaching. It includes working with  sales staff on, or in, live calls, planning real-life sales activity and meetings, reviewing proposals and documents prior to sending.

Post-sale reviews (positive and negative) will also be facilitated. Each coaching day will also be supported by fortnightly follow-up calls at no extra charge.