Partner with Brilliant Customer Service -Business skills training and coaching

Brilliant Customer Service are seeking mutually beneficial marketing partnerships with forward-thinking organisations around the World for our range of training and coaching products and services.  Here are some examples of how we might work together.

Open and in-house training and coaching

This is where you promote, and we deliver any of our range of proven, branded and high-quality training courses using one of our team of expert facilitators. Topics include:

  1. Brilliant customer service
  2. Service with a sale
  3. Working smarter
  4. Customer writing skills

A simple operating agreement and even revenue share ensure simplicity and fairness. 

Licensed materials and content; train the trainer

As above, but this time we train your staff to deliver our materials for a nominal licence payment. As well usage rights, all your customers have access to our online learning and printed workbooks, co-brand if required.

Online courses, print books and publications

We will be releasing a number of modular online learning courses, four paperback books and A4 workbooks. There is opportunity for co-branding, with good commission rates on all three of these training products.

White-label bespoke training and eLearning

With over 25 years of business skills design, development and training delivery experience we can create fast, cost-effective and high-quality bespoke courses. 

This includes elearning, microlearning and traditional instructor-led training with white-label website included.