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Reading Task

The keys to value-based selling with Brilliant Customer Service

Brilliant Customer Service looks to utilise a value or customer-focused approach to approaching, attracting and acquiring new clients. Our market is wide and embraces all industries, types and sizes of organisation. Our purpose is to help companies improve their level of customer service, sales effectiveness and business productivity. We do this through consulting, training and coaching. This article explains the underlying truisms underpinning our approach to customer development.

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Listening Task

Micro-learning Assignment

Marketing advice for a friend

You have been contacted by an old friend who invites you for a coffee.

He's a freelance computer programmer specialising in cyber security techniques firewalls and virus technology.

He explains the reason behind his call is that he has recently been made redundant.

Whilst the last six months or so have been quite good in terms of freelance work it is now becoming harder to find assignments that are closer to home. He really doesn't want to do too much travel.

He wants to gain some advice about how he can start to approach local companies to promote himself as a freelance cyber security specialist. This includes the carrying out of audits or perhaps becoming a retained resource checking their systems every few weeks and being available for emergency calls or problems.

What advice would you give to him?


Please prepare a short (2 to 3 minutes) summary or presentation of practical suggestions or low-budget sales and marketing techniques you can recommend.



How great leaders inspire action

TED Talk - Simon Sinek


Review Course Outlines

Please click on the link to review the four training courses Brilliant Customer Service has to offer, we will be discussing the courses throughout the training so please ensure you are familiar with all content.  

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